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The Elements: A Visual Exploration - Element Collection, Inc

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LinkShare  Referral  Program

.epub Simplified

Zipped Website Container/Organizer for the eReader

If the book you are writing were a web site, it would have parts like:

  • Words
  • Pictures
  • Fonts
  • Links

So ..., "yourbook.epub" could be opened in an Apple iPad, for instance, as a book container with all those parts inside (and maybe more).

ePubBud REVIEW: Children's Book Help

...pretty much just "YouTube for Children's eBooks." 

Children's Book Conversion and much, much more

ePubBud is a unique opportunity with a distinctive lean for children's book self-publishers who already have a printed version of their book. But that's not all - New authors can get free help too!

Unlike other site's, ePubBud is giving away their services to authors who need some help.

This site does not have any intention of making any money, ever. Bandwidth and storage are cheap. We just
want everybody to have an easy way to find, share, and self-publish their own free children's ebooks,
whether the audience is just their own kids or the whole world.

FREE Services:

  • Online EBook Creator
  • Scan Existing Children's Books
  • Convert Children's Books to .epub
  • Submission of Books to Apple's iPad iBookStore
  • .epub Book Download Library

Author Publishing Support

Writers have their hands full producing the stories that people need, love, or simply have to have.  ePubBud supports authors like no other site we know. We are very impressed!

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Apex Toll
The Place of Answers

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Artisteer - Web Design Generator


Every quality word processor should have an 'Export' or 'Save As' feature for the .epub file extension and structure.

Apple's iWork Pages software is ideally suited to this export feature evolution because it already works well with the XML code that .epub uses.

MS-Word has an excuse for being slow to adopt the Export as EPUB feature because of their .docx court case setback.

More in the future ...